Latest Rehearsal Announcements


images-3 NOVEMBER 20, 2017:

  • We are looking for new places to post notices of our concerts and post information for new members.  We would like to explore making such postings in the programs or bulletins at the places where our members worship.  If your church or other place of worship might be willing to mention an upcoming concert that you’re involved in and perhaps would be willing to include a call for new members in our organization in their service program or newsletter, we’d like to know that.  See Lynn or Della for a card for you to give us the contact information for your church.
  • A sign up sheet is available for the New Horizons Band performance at The Salvation Army on Friday, December 1, at 1 PM.  This will be a dress rehearsal of sorts for our December 17 concert so we would like as many of you as possible to attend.  Please sign up!
  • If you are new to our organization this year and have not yet gotten your concert attire, please do so by this coming Monday – at breaks or between rehearsals.  See Lynn or Mary Worst.
  • Next Monday – Nov.27 – we need about 20 volunteers to help stamp and stuff Annual Fund envelopes.  Please help if you can!
  • Christmas concert posters will be on the back table.  Please take posters labled for places in your area.  There are also undesignated posters.  If you take any of those, please let Della know where they are delivered so that they may be “designated” for the May concert.
  • Our red and black post cards advertising our organization to potential new members will be available on the back table.  Please take a few for folks you may talk to at church, another musical organization, friends or neighbors.  Notice that all of our print material now carry the two logos of our grant-giving organizations.  This is required – but also advertises this accomplishment.
  • Reminder:  you were sent an email on Monday re:  Please remember them while doing your holiday shopping.  We will receive money from them if you do.  Thank you!
  • With the calendar flipping to November it’s appropriate to talk about weather-related cancellations.  The general rule is that when KENTWOOD PUBLIC SCHOOLS are closed, our rehearsals are cancelled.  For an emergency cancellation (ie:  if Nancy is sick or the church loses power) we have a Phone Tree for a few members to start calling and everyone in the morning  rehearsal will be contacted.  Those in the afternoon rehearsalswill receive an email announcing the cancellation.
  • Remember that we are collecting D & W and Family Fare receipts for which we will receive cash when we get enough.  Be sure to use your “YES” card or number when you check out.  If you don’t, we can’t use your receipts.   There will be a box on the back table  to put them in.  THANK YOU!