Latest Rehearsal Announcements


images-3 SEPTEMBER 18, 2017:

  • You received the membership roster in your email last Friday.  Please be sure to check your contact information and if there is an error, let Dianne Morrison know via email.
  • The handbell ensemble, Bellisimo, that meets on Thursdays from 2 until 3:30, is looking for a few more members.  You don’t have to be an expert – the focus is on beginners and so there is a lot of instruction.  If you’ve been intrigued by ringing, come to a rehearsal and check it out.  Talk to Nancy or Della for details.
  • Cards were handed out at the Monday rehearsals containing contact information for your section leaders, Board Members, etc.  We ask you to contact your section leader if you will be absent from a rehearsal unless you’ve signed the Extended Absence sheet.  If you did not receive one, talk with Lynn at your next rehearsal.
  • Also handed out on Monday was our annual Volunteer Survey.  Because we are always in need of volunteers, we’d like to know how you can help the organization with your specific hobbies, interests, and expertise.  If you were absent, please ask for one at your next rehearsal and put it in the black box on the back table.
  • Please sign up to bring a snack one time this semester for each ensemble that you are in.  Our snack sign up sheets are looking decidedly empty as of the beginning of October.
  • The German Band is looking for some musicians!  Their one performance will be at the church in Dorr on Saturday, October 14.  There are two rehearsals, at 11:45 on Monday, October 2 and 9.  Contact Dick Meyers via email if you’re interested.
  • AND FINALLY, remember that we are collecting D & W and Family Fare receipts for which we will receive cash when we get enough.  Be sure to use your “YES” card or number when you check out.  If you don’t, we can’t use your receipts.   There will be a box on the back table  to put them in.  THANK YOU!