Annual Meeting Minutes

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WMNHME Annual Meeting

May 16, 2022

  1. Call to Order by Board President Darryl Larson
  2. Highlights from the President’s Report for 2021-22:  
    • Resumed in-person rehearsals in fall of 2021
    • 17 outreach performances + 2 cancelled due to Covid
    • First public concert at Christmas 2021+ May concert at Grandville High School
    • Three new Board members for 2022-2025 will be approved on May 23 & announced afterwards to the membership.
    • 3 Board members completing their terms—Darryl Larson, Gary Wells, Chuck Hornung
  1. Treasurer Chuck Hornung–yearly Financial Summary as of 4/30/22.
    • Membership down compared to pre COVID levels by about 23 members (-25%)
    • Met Annual Fund Drive goal of $15,000
    • Grant application was approved for 2022-2023
  1. Committee Reports:
    • Marketing Committee—Della, Lynn, Roger
      1. Adding “ad” words to website
      2. Personal business card for members to hand out to potential new members, plus brochure for new members. Voucher program information with $50 incentive to bring in new people.
    • Grant Committee—Dianne Morrison
      1. Successful grants in each of last 5 years
      2. Supports organization with rent, marketing, Music Director’s salary
    • Finance Committee—Chuck Hornung: working on 2022-23 budget for June Approval
    • Covid Monitoring Committee—Darryl Larson: Ongoing group established policies and practices related to the Covid pandemic
  1. Anniversary Book presentation to new members: Kenn Bacehowski, John Kerr, Dave Boyd & Al Harrison. Voucher for bringing in a new member given to Ken Huisman.
  2. Music Director—Nancy Summers’ comments.
    • Thanked members & departing Board Members for their hard work this last season
    • Our next concert is our Christmas Concert December 11, 2022
    • Fall Kickoff will be September 1 at Riverside Park Band Shell—sightreading fall music in the park with picnic to follow