Schedule of Virtual Events


Oct. 12:         Sectionals:     9:30 – flute, clarinet, saxophone 

                                                              11:00 – trombone, horn

                                                              12:30 – trumpet

                                                              2:00 – baritone, tuba, bassoon

Oct. 13:         9:30am–Interludes–Zoom lecture/discussion: Rococo into Classical; The Genius of Mozart, the Wisdom of Haydn.

Oct. 14:         9:30am—RSBB


Oct. 19:         Sectionals

Oct. 20:        9:30am–Interludes–This will be a new experience Nancy is calling a “Fireside Chat.” Grab your morning coffee (or tea) and sit in front of your fire (if you have one). No note taking. Stay tuned for the topic!

Oct. 22:         9:30am—RSBB


Oct. 26:          Sectionals

Oct. 27:        9:30am–Interludes–TBA

Oct. 29:            9:30am—RSBB