Strategic Plan





July 2019 through June 2024

West Michigan New Horizons Music Ensembles


 Mission Statement

 “To provide joyful and challenging opportunities to make music, to share those talents with others, and to promote the lifelong pursuit of musical expression.”



Make Music. Meet People. Enjoy Life.

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The WMNHME organization will:

1. Maintain a graduated program of musical groups to include:

A. Nancy’s Novices, a beginning band

B.  Concert Band, intermediate level band

C.  Symphonic Band, advanced level band

D.  Ransom Street Big Band, invitation-only band

E.  Bellissimo Handbell Ensemble

F. New Horizons Bands (large and small), for outreach programs

G. Seasonal performance groups (for example, brass ensemble, woodwind ensemble, German Band)

2. Diversify our outreach opportunities in the following ways:

A. Take our music into the community with performances

B. Attract new members

3. The organization will strive to attract and mentor new members from diverse populations to sustain and enhance the health and longevity of the organization.

4. Create a committee to research the feasibility of buying or leasing a building for our rehearsals and concerts. This committee may explore the possibility of a cooperative venture with other music and arts groups.

5. Establish a fundraising committee to consider all avenues of fundraising including:

    • Grants
    • Annual Fund Drive
    • Maintaining and expanding the organization’s donor lists
    • Establish dollar amount goals in conjunction with the Music Director
    • Report to the Board regularly

6. Core values of the West Michigan New Horizons Music Ensembles:

A. Interact socially with others

B. Take music out into the community

C. Support members

D. Stay connected

E. Encourage participants

F. Welcome new members

G. Present educational opportunities

H. Provide energizing occasions

I. Nuture relationships

J. Learn…Laugh…Music for Life

7. Wish List: An equipment or activity wish list will be developed annually, or as needed, by the Board in conjunction with the Music Director.

8. Challenges:

    • Maintain quality leadership from both the Music Director and the Board
    • Maintain strong community connections
      1. Continue to develop strong leadership connections
      2. Audience development
      3. Intentional growing of places to play
    • Continue to grow membership
    • Locate consistent sources of funding
    • Identify effective avenues for publicity
    • Define and recruit volunteers for ongoing short termed and long termed projects
    • Stress Board accountability for the Strategic Plan

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