Latest Rehearsal Announcements

 SEPTEMBER 26, 2022

  1. Be sure to sign the attendance sheets each week, and turn off your phones.

     2.  PLEASE NOTE that the time for the October 14 New Horizons Band outreach at Breton Woods has changed.  It will now be at 3:00 PM in the main lobby at 2500 Breton SE.  Sign up to participate on the sheet on the back table.

     3.  Be sure that you fill out a new medical form, seal it in an envelope, affix a few blue dots – and store this in your music folder in case of an emergency.  You need this with you at all rehearsals and performances.

      4.  NEW OUTREACH POLO SHIRTS:  Orders will be taken for new red polo shirts for outreach performances on the following dates:  SYMPHONIC & CONCERT BANDS,  Monday, October 3, 10 and 17.  The cost of the shirt is $35, WMNHME will contribute $20, members cost is $15.  A check made out to WMNHME or cash must accompany orders.  Members are requested to try on a sample shirt to determine size, no returns are accepted.  Previous red polo shirts will no longer be worn after the new shirts are received and do not need to be turned in.   Shirts will be the property of the member.  Any additional shirts will be at the cost of $35.  If this cost is prohibitive for you, please have a private conversation with Nancy ASAP.